Our story is simple. Like many Hispanic women, we saw ourselves drowning in debt with little room to breathe; with little room to dream.   We told ourselves day after day that our poor financial situation was a temporary turmoil, when in reality things remained the same.  In the contrary, they got worse.   We continued to live paycheck to paycheck without knowing how to change our lives for the good. 

One day, Elisa came across a podcast called The Side Hustle School by Chris Guillebeau and decided to give one of his episodes a try.  The podcast shares daily 10-minute stories of people that have been successful at creating a new source of income without quitting their job.  Elisa loves her job so this idea of doing both successfully was fascinating to her.  She asked herself, “do I really need to quit my job in order for me to increase my income?” “what if I like my job and I want to remain in a place that values me and helps me make a difference but still want to make way more money while doing it?”

Elisa decided to listen to as many episodes as she could on a daily basis during her commute to work to remain inspired and find answers to her many questions.  But, what really inspired Elisa to act was Chris’ consistent statement he used to end each episode which said, “Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better.”  This statement was so simple yet so true.

After deciding what her side hustle idea was going to be, she knew she couldn’t do it alone.  She tried a few side hustles before that were not successful for many reasons.   She knew that to do things right, she needed a partner that was going to be her rock, her motivation, but most importantly, her reality-checker.   One night, out of nowhere, she asked her sister Johanna – who let’s face it has always been the adult in this family – if she’d be willing to join her in a new venture.   After being asked a series of real-are-you-sure questions by Johanna, Elisa told her there were no funds to start this, no additional people to help, just the two of them and an idea that according to Elisa was going to work. 

After that night, Elisa + Johanna was born.  The rest is being written and we hope you can join us in this exciting journey to financial freedom.